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About Us

Our Mission

Based on recurrent neural networks, our online SaaS and mobile app tool will conduct real-time data mining of social platforms to dig deep into consumer sentiments and learn what drives their fashion preferences, providing designers with vital clues on the preferred design options for the demographics they are interested in.

Who We Are

FashionY is a fashion software and consulting company providing data-driven software solutions for individual and corporate designers, fashion retailers, and other firms that can benefit from fashion trend forecasting.

Our Software

Consumers’ tastes are reflected in their social media posts, which comprise a massive data bank of images, videos and text, publicly available on fashion blogs, consumer reviews, and other lifestyle websites. These resources, coupled with sales and pricing data, can help designers predict what consumers are willing to buy and for what price before they themselves know it. FashionY helps fashion designers an advantage in the market by predicting the next big fashion trends.

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