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AI-Generated Fashion Solutions

Social Media as a Catalyst

Consumers’ tastes are reflected in their social media posts, which comprise a massive data bank of images, videos and text, publicly available on fashion blogs, consumer reviews, and other lifestyle websites. These resources, coupled with sales and pricing data, can help designers predict what consumers are willing to buy and for what price before they themselves know it.

Data-Driven Change For Retailers, material suppliers, and Designers

Retailers, material suppliers and other players in the supply chain can rely on our data and adjust their inventories in light of our predictions, improving efficiency by emphasizing fashion items that will be most in demand.

Machine Learning From Customer Sentiment

We make trend predictions based on a machine learning model that analyzes a combination of text, images, videos, and consumer sentiment data in a sequential manner to decode complex fashion elements and find patterns and connections between them by applying semantic group representation.

About Us

We are a fashion software and consulting company providing data-driven software solutions for individual and corporate designers, fashion retailers, and other firms that can benefit from fashion trend forecasting. We’re passionate about fashion trends and look to apply our innovative tools to enhance products of all types, for large manufacturers, as well as individual designers.

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